New Year, New Website

Finally, after a couple of years, I have decided to go back to having my own website. For the most part I have pretty much said all I wanted to say via social media but as I have started to work on more projects and finding myself wanting to share more I opted for the tried and trusted website again (please excuse the very basic theme layout for now, I’m a designer and as such I will naturally be very fussy about the final look and probably take way too long deciding. I’ll probably spend the same amount of time on a  new logo!!) 🙂

Dave Clayton - Photo by Glyn Dewis

I’ve been a graphic designer in some way, shape or form for most of my life, professionally for the last 20 years in various jobs. It’s also my ‘hobby’ and a subject that really gets me excited.

I’m a ‘full timer’, in that I hold down a regular job with a regular company, fortunately as a designer in a marketing role. I also work on a lot of design stuff when I’m not at work. I love it! As I start to add more of my content here you’ll start to realise why I am so passionate about graphic design, typography, branding and print!

I’ve been connected to KelbyOne in one way or another since around 1998. I first discovered Scott Kelby via his old MacDesign magazine, then Layers magazine before discovering Photoshop User and NAPP. Finding them was a huge step in my learning and since being associated with them, as their official UK Evangelist and now as an instructor, I have never looked back. As far as I am concerned, you won’t find a better resource anywhere else.

I will be adding more of my work here over the coming days and weeks, including tutorials and other useful bits and pieces.  In the meantime, thanks for visiting!

Until then…