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Design Like A Thief! (for the new @GlynDewis book)

25 Apr
25th April 2016

I’ve been a very lucky boy the past few years, more-so the past couple when it comes to design work and raising my profile and portfolio of work (which I really must get around to publishing online!)

Following on the back of a busy month of writing articles and co-writing the feature article with Glyn Dewis for the April & May/June editions of Photoshop User magazine, I am so happy to have been working on this particular project.

The Photoshop Workbook: Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

The Photoshop Workbook: Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

To explain where it started, in 2014 I was commissioned to design the first book cover for my brother from another mother, Glyn Dewis’ excellent publication, The Photoshop Workbook. Glyn was signed up by Peachpit and I asked if I could have a go at designing my first book cover. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do so I was pleased when one of my designs was accepted and signed off. It was very exciting to receive the actual book when released in January 2015 in the UK. It even went to #1 on Amazon above Scott Kelby’s most recent title!

Fast forward to 2016 and Glyn had another book he wanted to produce so he ended up talking to Scott Cowlin and Ted Waitt, both now at Rocky Nook (and both formerly at Peachpit and had signed Glyn up for the last book). A title was created,  Photograph Like A Thief (more about that here on Glyn’s blog) and I really wanted to design his second book cover!

We had both worked on the UP image (a collaboration between myself, Glyn and our other brother, ex-Disney animator of over 20 years, Aaron Blaise) and at first we thought it would make a great cover but after speaking to Scott at Rocky Nook we decided against it.  The book needed its own identity so we had a rethink. Scott was over in the UK a couple of weeks ago and we met up for dinner in Oxford and chatted about the book. Interestingly we all pretty much came up with a similar theme, a 1950’s Saul Bass kind of image.

So, I looked at some of Saul’s work from his book I had in my design library and set about sketching it up and setting it out in Illustrator.

Saul Bass poster inspiration

Saul Bass poster inspiration

Glyn’s new book is about taking inspiration from other artists and finding/creating your own style. So as not to have any issues with font licensing, I set about drawing a Bass type font from scratch in Illustrator and then drew all the elements for the idea Glyn and I had discussed over the phone after the meeting.

I was really pleased with the initial concept, so much so that I stuck with it, finessed a little and send a copy to Glyn. He absolutely loved it, we tinkered a tiny bit more and decided that it was what we wanted to put forward to Rocky Nook.

Much to my delight, they loved it too and after one change in background colour and adding the Rocky Nook logo we were done and dusted! I am so excited to have worked on this, I cannot wait to see the book in my hands and it’s opened up my enthusiasm to improve on my Illustrator skills to look at attempting more cover work in the future.

So, with great pleasure I give you the new cover of ‘Photograph Like A Thief‘. If you don’t like it, that’s fine by me, art is subjective after all 🙂

Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton

Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton


Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton

Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton


Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton

Photograph Like A Thief by Glyn Dewis | Rocky Nook | Designed by Dave Clayton

Photoshop User Magazine | April 2016

20 Apr
20th April 2016

I’m really excited to follow up my KelbyOne online InDesign classes (Adobe InDesign Basics: Creating a Custom Flyer for Your Business) (Adobe InDesign for Photographers: Creating a Trifold Brochure) with my first InDesign Tips article in the April edition of the brilliant Photoshop User magazine (available digital only with a KelbyOne subscription). There’s so much you can do and create in InDesign and this first article (another to follow in the May/June edition) covers a few tips and tricks and a couple of fun things for InDesign users. Try KelbyOne free for 10 days and you can read the magazine and check out back issues and all the online classes.

My KelbyOne profile

Kelbyone Photoshop User Magazine APRIL 2016

Kelbyone Photoshop User Magazine April 2016

KelbyOne Stuff – New class and Photoshop World

02 Mar
2nd March 2016

Thank you for dropping by, it’s very much appreciated.

I’m really excited to have my first ever KelbyOne class launch on Thursday 3rd March.

You can get a free 10 day trial here, just scroll down the page for the free trial.

Dave Clayton - KelbyOne InDesign

Dave Clayton – KelbyOne InDesign Class

It’s an InDesign class, a subject I am very passionate about and hopefully will teach something useful to some of you. Following up on this I hope to have an article in Photoshop User magazine very soon on the same subject and then my first class at Photoshop World this July, ‘Intro to InDesign’.

Dave Clayton - KelbyOne InDesign - Photoshop World 2016

In the Kelbyone class I will show you how easy it can be to create a simple flyer for a business or your business with some simple techniques and a few little extras to make it that little bit better.

My Photoshop World class will be a little bit about me, my background and why I love print and design and how you can add it to your skill set and make some extra revenue from it. I think we come across more media created by and with InDesign than Photoshop! I will show you how to be inspired by that and what you can learn from it and how to use it to learn from. The next day, Terry White also has an InDesign class where he will teach you the additional bells and whistles, tips and tricks to take your design even further.

Dave Clayton - KelbyOne InDesign - Photoshop World 2016

I really appreciate all the kind comments so far and the support from so many people, it really means a lot. It’s a very proud moment for me to appear, stand and teach among the very people I admire and have learned from going way back to the days of buying MacDesign mag and Layers mag. I’ve watched so many KelbyOne classes, episodes of Photoshop User TV, been to many Photoshop Worlds and read endless issues of Photoshop User magazines be where I am today.

I’ll have some cool give aways very soon and something VERY special that’s Photoshop World related VERY soon!!

Watch this space and please sign up to my newsletter here

Thanks as always