If you are a designer, a content creator, or run any kind of business then you need stickers. Stickers are fun, everyone loves stickers, you can even sell stickers as a side business.

I’m a designer, I host a podcast, I have hobbies and I love designing and there’s no finer feeling than getting something printed and using it yourself or having someone else use it. One day I discovered Sticker Mule, recommended by a friend who ran a business using their services. He said, hands down, the best quality of all the ones he had tested. So I placed an order for my podcast, He Shoots, He Draws. It was a ‘Sticker Mule deal‘ so I was able to place a small quantity order and check them out. And they didn’t disappoint. It was great being able to give the stickers out at photography and design events and I know they helped get more listeners. Now, I am a sticker fan anyway, at events like Creative South stickers are currency, like on the playground swapping trading cards. I have a huge box of them from designers, companies, events and just random stuff.

One of my hobbies is collecting Field Notes notebooks and part of that is being in a Facebook group where collectors trade. The ‘Nuts’ always add fun extras and stickers are always popular. So, being a designer I got designing and started coming up with various designs based around the notebooks and fun ideas for collectors. I also made some for myself to give out at events and I still have a library of designs I haven’t turned into stickers yet. It’s addictive 🙂

Here’s a selection of the designs I have had printed over the past couple of years with Sticker Mule…

Stickermule https://www.stickermule.com/uk/custom-stickers
My self made sticker collection with Sticker Mule

They recently added holographic stickers which are a perfect addition and a great way to make a cool looking sticker! You can see in the photo that I have already got a few made for my book and for the Filed nuts group and they have gone down really well!

Sticker Mule holographic stickers

Keep an eye out for Sticker Mule Deals – sign up to get notified by them and you won’t miss out on some great offers.

If you do decide to use them, don’t worry if you don’t know how big to make your artwork, every product comes with downloadable templates available on the website to help you and you always get a proof once uploaded. Then, usually within a couple of weeks they are produced and delivered by UPS. I really enjoy the experience with them, they are my go to sticker people and if you set up an account you can refer friends and get credit for them and yourself (which I have used in my links back to them – so thank you for clicking if you do).

And they don’t just do stickers – they also sell labels, magnets, buttons, packing materials, pin badges, charms, coasters, floor graphics, wall graphics and even hot sauce! You can even order small quantity samples of some of the products to check the quality.

So get designing, get making and get sticking!! And if you do, feel free to send me one 🙂


Custom stickers that kick ass
Easy online ordering, 4 day turnaround and free online proofs. Free shipping to UK.
Custom stickers that kick ass