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For the past 30 years I have been involved in marketing and design, but the last 10 years has been the best time of my career and I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been able to work towards. One thing I never really focused on was building a website and letting people know more about me. So this is my place to share latest news, event info, knowledge, opportunities, information, resources and more. A huge part of most of my successes have come from sharing and helping others. I will continue to do so through this new website, my newsletter The Creative Rush, and my podcast. Thanks again for your support.


How Do I Do That In InDesign was released in December 2019 with renowned publisher Rocky Nook, the the 3rd title in Scott Kelby’s series of How Do I… books that include both Photoshop and Lightroom. It’s a great resource to help find how to do this things in InDesign, quickly and easily, right there on the page.

Dave Clayton - He Shoots He Draws


Dave has taught graphic design, InDesign and Photoshop at Photoshop World as well as online conferences such as Creatives Ignite, Adobe Max 2020 Online and Photoshop Virtual Summit in November 2020. In 2022, Dave will also be teaching at Creative South.


He Shoots, He Draws podcast published its first episode in March 2018. Originally started by Dave and Photographer Glyn Dewis, the show has continued to evolve is now hosted by Dave and photographer Alan Hess with over 220,000 downloads worldwide and some of the biggest names in design and photography as guests.

Dave Clayton - He Shoots He Draws
Dave Clayton - He Shoots He Draws

He Shoots He Draws Podcast

Dave Clayton - He Shoots He Draws
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